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Sean Tomosada’s Class Winning K Powered Civic

This monthly web series of Insane Rides features the Import Face-Off All Motor Pro (AMP) class winning, K24 powered 93 Honda Civic hatchback piloted by Sean Tomosada of Think Fat Racing. Sean’s purpose built drag car sends all 360+ whp through his 4 speed PPG gearbox down to a set of Insane Shafts 1000HP K-series axles and an Insane Shafts K-series intermediate shaft. A personal best quarter mile time of 10.1  @ 135 mph gets Sean consistently into the winners circle at almost every event he enters! We’re proud to be onboard Sean’s race program for the 2018 race season and we look forward to seeing more personal bests and more wins under his belt!

Vehicle: K24 All Motor 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback

Owner: Sean Tomosada (@sean_harley)

Team: Think Fat Racing (@thinkfatracing)

Hometown: Harbor City, CA

Insane Shafts Product Used: